November 5, 2007

Artist Dale Chihuly- Allison Prange

1) I chose Dale Chihuly for my artist presentation because he has always been an inspiration for me. His use of color, history, emotion, an interesting medium and teams of people. I remember seeing an exhibit done by Chihuly one of the first times I ever went to the new Milwaukee Art Museum.
3) I am inspired by the fact that despite his obvious talent and vision, he is willing and interested in bringing in new artists to learn things from them, as well as showing them some of his tricks. He can manage a group and clearly communicate how he wants things done, without being too overbearing. He creates statements in an interesting way. He is interested in culture and history and how they can influence his new projects.

October 30, 2007

Artist Presentation - Betsy

The artist I chose is Nils-Udom. He is a modern artist who uses the materials found in nature and then constructs pieces at different sites of the outdoors. I was really drawn to him and his way of art because it's different from what most people think of when they think of modern art. He really uses only what's found in nature to make his pieces, which are truly beautiful and astounding to see.

There are many websites where his work can be found, and he's even co-wrote a book with his pieces in it.
These are two of the most helpful web-sites I found that had great examples of Nils-Udo's artwork.

I really felt like his art spoke to me in a way that make me want to do what he's done. It formed my ideas about modern art into an idea that I liked - one involving nature and how it incorporates humans into it's everyday existence. I love the bright colors or berries and seeds he uses in his pieces to bring a vibrant, earthy, yet calming feeling to his creations. I'd love to see one of his pieces in real life, for I feel that pictures I've viewed are only a slight glance at the wondrous energy and brillance you could feel from seeing a piece of his for your own eyes.

Artist presentation- Jessica

1) The artist's name and why you chose this artist.
I chose the painter Frank Moore, because his works are different from a lot of the paintings I have seen. I also enjoy how he can be shuch a bold activist and still maintain a high quality in his work.

2) At least 2 examples of the artist's work presented as uploaded files or url's.
Here are a whole bunch of his works, there are a lot of cool ones.

3) How this artist's work informs your own thinking.
I have never been so good with art, and it was nice to see an artist that was different from the others. I felt like I could connect with Frank because he is not your typical painter. I especially enjoyed his reason for getting involved with genetics. Instead of his reasons in a paragraph, he did phrases connected by arrows. When I was searching for an artist to discuss, I read way too many paragraphs, and was realived when I read about Frank.

October 29, 2007

NiCk DeCkEr

1) Chuck Close, because he is pretty much amazing, his work is atonishing given that he is paralyzed and has to used electronic aids in order to create is artwork. Very photo-realistic and also uses different media such as pencil and sometimes charcoal
2) I have many examples that are on my slides, unfortunately i only know a few
3) I am still amazed to this day that his work is astonishing. He has greatly impacted my view of art in that he uses a media which i enjoy a lot because it allows me to create texture and depth at the same time. Not too many medias are able to do that for someones artwork and he did it in a way that blows any artist out of the water

October 23, 2007

Artist Presentation - Sarah

1.) The artist I chose was American contemporary artist, Tony Oursler. I choose him mostly because I thought his work that he did was so unlike anything I've ever seen before. I found out about him while searching through some contemporary artists websites and pictures of some of his pieces caught my attention. The art he does combines both photography, video and sound installations, and occasionally paintings. I was amazed by how unique his pieces were as well as how surreal and abstract some of them were.
3.) Oursler's work is very different than anything I have ever seen before. Though some of it I find creepy and a little disturbing, it is captivating nonetheless. I really like how he is able to take something as ordinary as a doll or a mannequin and projects a face on it giving it a realistic yet eerie feel. I also like the way he is able to capture certain images and display them in such a creative way. The colors and lighting he uses also adds to the feeling a viewer experiances when seeing his work.

October 22, 2007

Artist Presentation: Julia

1. I chose Nadir Afonso Rodrigues because he was a kinetic op artist, who studied to be an architect. I was interested in his progression of style and use of color and geometric shapes to create beautiful pieces (of cities/buildings).
3. His work influences my own thinking by playing with the idea of abstraction with line and color. I am interested in artwork that is not realism. Its one thing to look at a piece of work and say that looks exactly like that place, wow that artist must have exquisite painting technique, but I think its much more interesting to say, wow, I can tell that this is an object and wow they played with line, color and abstraction to create a piece that is different, new yet resembles the originable object.

October 20, 2007

Artist Presentation- Nellie

1. Matthew Barney
-Barney is an American contemporary artist who works with a variety of mediums and has had great success with performance art. I chose him because his most knowne work "The Cremaster Cycle" was a very interesting visual collage that expressed a unique form of creativity.

2. Works:

3. Well, to be honest, Barney's work deffinitly creeps me out. His sculptive creations used in his performance art are extremely complex in a grotesque way. The way in which these images relate to one another through out the performance adds to the erie feel of his work. Also, the music selected to complement the piece is of low bass tones that seduce the mind into themes of evil, or cruelty. His works are of a darker state but for some reason they are alluring and make me think in a realm that I couldn't possibly have dreamed of.

October 19, 2007

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1) The artist's name and why you chose this artist.
2) At least 2 examples of the artist's work presented as uploaded files or url's.
3) How this artist's work informs your own thinking.