October 9, 2007

Presentation Description / Guide

Artist Presentations are designed to encourage you to find out about a range of contemporary artists who are working across disciplines or in collaboration with people working in other disciplines.

Consider this to be an opportunity to experiment with the form of your presentation while addressing the content described below and adding a post to the blog that is also described below.

Chose an artist or collaborative group of artist as the focus of your presentation. You are encouraged to think globally.

Include the following in your Artist Presentation:

- Convey background information about the artist.

- Discuss what attracted you to the work of this artist.

- Highlight two examples of this artist's work and and use these to describe the artist's interests and ways of working that permeate disciplinary boundaries.

- Relate this artist, via content, process, technology, perspective, etc. to that of another contemporary artist or artists from another time period.

- Reflect upon and discuss how this artist's work informs your own thinking.

POST a synopsis of your Artist Presentation on the Presentation Archive on the Blog.

This includes:

1) The artist's name and why you chose this artist.

2) At least 2 examples of the artist's work presented as uploaded files or url's.

3) How this artist's work informs your own thinking.