December 4, 2007

Contemporary Artist - Kim Heyer

1) Jacek Yerka
I chose Jacek Yerka because his artwork is very unique. He paints fantasy worlds. It reminds me of those days that you are just sitting class, and you are very bored and begin to think about random things. He put those random thoughts into a painting, and I believe that most people can relate to at least one of his many paintings. I also wanted to do more research on him because my brother told me about Jacek.


3)I like Jacek Yerka's artwork because it is all inspired by your imagination. I find myself using my imagination everyday. No matter if I'm supposed to be serious or not, I still use my imagination with every move I make. He also inspires me because his family helps him choose which art to keep, and which to throw. This was inspiring to me because my family is a huge part of my everyday life.

October 30, 2007

artist presentation-Julianna Smith

This is the hotel/restaurant with Damien Hirst (and others) art in it.

1) Damien Hirst
I chose this guy because he was the least pornographically themed of the contemporary artist that i found. I also thought that contemporary art these days is a lot of things that i am not interested in and that would be hard to convey in a presentation, such as video or installation pieces. Things that you can't really fully experience unless you are in person. Hirst's personality, work and ideas really resonated well with me.


3)i like the way hirst uses the natural world, i find myself constantly inspired due to animals and nature. i also think that his personality and tenure that he's gained in the art world are something that i aspire to. I would model my work ethic after my own.

Nathaniel Stern - Contemporary Artist by Michelle Stein

1. When I first looked at Nathaniel Stern's website, I was intrigued by all the interactive artwork he had produced. Because we had studied some of this type of art in class, I was interested in learning more about it. His artwork triggered my curiosity, and when I learned more about it, I was fascinated by the technology and other means he used to accomplish what he did.
3. Stern’s work showed me more of the variety of artwork out there. I was never really into the technological side of artwork, but after looking at Stern’s work, I became appreciative of all the work/creativity/brains that goes into creating the pieces that he did. Also, he inspired me to think beyond the norm and try to discover new ways of doing things. (i.e. use a scanner on 3D objects)

October 19, 2007


Some resources

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