September 17, 2007

Syllabus Sketch

Art in the Mix and the Making ~ Freshman Seminar
Syllabus: Sketch

This syllabus is a guide. It will help to give you a sense of the pace of the course, and the core, student–generated, course components. Essential readings and studio resources will be introduced throughout the course. Our expectations for you are high. When possible, I will respond to student interests in an improvisational manner and shape the course accordingly. I will, periodically, include readings, technical tips and conceptual frameworks to cultivate the inquiry and creative work that we expect from all students.

The specifics of the related artistic, intellectual, and technical resources will be posted on the course blog. It will be your responsibility to check regularly to learn about upcoming events and available resources.

Ongoing readings will be posted on the course Blog. These will guide in class discussions.

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Course Description

Art in the Mix and the Making ~ Freshman Seminar

This seminar explores some of the ideas and processes of contemporary artists whose artwork crosses boundaries into other disciplines. We will focus on artists who are thinking about things that bring them into dialogue with scientific ideas and ecological processes, new media theories and cultural perspectives, architectural experiments and design innovations. We will have direct experience with some of the ways that artists mix and make content with multimedia and the web, mapping processes in geography, approaches to healing in medicine and innovative uses of new materials in architecture and design. Through a series of readings and small group discussions, guest artist visits and field trips to local cultural sites, we will expand our conceptions of the ways that artists engage in interdisciplinary dialogues as both the content and process of contemporary art.

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