October 16, 2007

GlOwInG BuNny Q's

1. When does these projects reach their breaking point, meaning where do you stop? when is the level of safety surpassed or when do you quit while your ahead?
2. How come this curator used a rabbit? their is really nothing ethical about a rabbit so i can't see how the glowing effect of this bunny will have on transgenic art. Is he trying to portary the glowing as a sign of defense since the bunny is the most vulnerable to any other speice?
3. One obvious question that comes to mind is why do it? Whose idea was the main impact for this project and what prompted you to create this piece?

three questions-Julianna

1. Where do you draw the line between what scientists are doing and what artists are doing seperately? It could be said that what scientists are doing is art, and what artists do in this field is more scientific. Is there a distinction?

2. What will artists do with the living transgenic art that is not a complete success? I mean to say that, sure, the GFP bunny has a home with a family, but that is only one bunny. What about the trial and error part of experimentation? What will happen to the imperfect in these senarios?

3. DO you think that in working in a collaborative environment with many different non-artists, if you will, you have a greater chance of loosing the original vision of the project? Do any details get lost in the explanation to others?

Transgenic Art - Betsy

1. Will altering the genome of Alba create issues with reproduction? If not, what are the chances of her offspring having altered genomes like hers. Even if she wouldn't be allowed to reproduce, hypothetically, would there be an issue with offspring genomes?

2. Is it possible to alter the genome to glow other colors found in other animals? Or, is green the only possible visible color to human eyes?

3. Have there been other animals that have had similar genome alterations? Are there other physical alterations that can be done, like the color change, that wouldn't harm the animal?

Transgenic art- Allison

1. Does the process have any negative effects on the rabbit’s health or well-being?
2. Have you received any complaints from groups for the advocacy of animal rights?
3. How did you come across this idea, what led you to create this transgenic art?

October 15, 2007

Eduardo Kac

In preparation for our visit with Plant Biologist, Professor Neil Olszewski, read about Artist Eduardo Kac and his transgenic art work.