arts 3601 & 5610

New Media :: Making Art Interactive introduces new ways of imagining and creating art that transforms the role of viewers into participants. During the Spring 2014 semester we will use the concept of permeable boundaries to begin our explorations with interactive art. This theme will spark a series of playful studio and public art processes as well as a semester-long independent project.

Through a series of individual and collaborative explorations, we will experiment with interactive art as a form of experience, a creative process, and a way of conceptualizing artistic ideas. We will learn about tangible media, a hybrid medium that involves digital technologies that connect us with our sensory experience of the physical world.

The course is structured to encourage the emergence of a community of learners that benefits from the active exchange of ideas and resources from each participant as well as the extended open source communities of ideas that we access online. New Media :: Making Art Interactive focuses on dynamic art, art that interacts with your sense of time, place, and social space.

Recent Entries

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