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Course Description

New Media :: Making Art Interactive

The Interactive and the In-Tangible is the focus of this semester’s course. Through a series of explorations, we will experiment with interactive art as a form of experience, a creative process and a way of conceptualizing artistic ideas. We will introduce tangible media that spark an active dialogue between the physical and the virtual. Our explorations will emphasize the expressiveness of motion and the subtleness of gesture, the presence of emotion and affective experience in these new hybrid art forms. This course is about dynamic art, art that moves and moves you, art that evolves over time or changes your sense of time. It explores the “e? domain where interactivity and communication are introduced with the creative tools and languages of digital technologies and electronics.

Historic and contemporary concepts related to interactive sculpture, wearable art, responsive environments, physical computing, tangible media and autonomous entities are interwoven throughout this studio art course. Interdisciplinary by nature, The Interactive and the In-Tangible personalizes artistic investigations by exploring the relationship between the artist/s, the embodied idea and the interaction with the participant/s. You enter the loop within this hybrid context of digital and material media, essential to the nature and experience of your artful creation.

A range of technologies and materials will be introduced to engage you in an artistic process of realizing your individual and collaborative ideas with physical and virtual media. You and all of the students will be asked to contribute to an evolving database of community resources and inspirations. Two research presentations, a series of artistic prototypes, two projects and one final presentation will provide opportunities for you to develop basic fluency with the process of developing your artistic language with programmable technology and interaction design.