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Amy Youngs Presentation Links

Amy Youngs creates interactive sculptures using electronics, kinetics, sound, insects, plants and pixels. She re-defines the relationships that can exist between the viewer and the sculptures through technology; her goal is to get the viewer to reconsider their direct relationship of self to technology. I find the many ways she has created and recreated this opportunity remarkable. Paramount to her work is the viewer's willingness to participant. She has inspired me to think differently about how to create interactive work; I admire her attempt to inform viewers about the environment. I am especially fond of the following works: Intraterrestrial Soundings, Rearming the Spineless Opuntia, Prototypes for Hermit Crab Shells, and Holodeck for House Crickets. She has a great website where you can view these and other works through documentation which includes photos, explanations, and video. She also has a page devoted to links to other artists. Enjoy! ~Jessica

Amy Youngs’:

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