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Chris Sugrue

Delicate Boundaries is the work that drew my interest to Chris. I am very compelled by her ability to create a fluid interaction between screen and participant. I have been very interested in Myron Krueger's response as medium -- In his article responsive environments Krueger suggest that response can be the medium of an art work. The response to Delicate Boundaries is what draws me to the piece. How does it feel to have a part of the screen become a part of you? Very interesting.
one can view more of Chris' works at http://csugrue.com/
From viewing Chris' links I came across the system is or Zachary Lieberman. I was very interested in Zach's piece Drawn in which he creates an interface for musical creation through drawing. I loved that he created the piece to act as both an installation and performance and feel it shifts fluidly between.

Zach's work can be seen at http://thesystemis.com/