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Final Project

The Untitled Box

For this piece I wanted to try to accomplish as much as I could by using (exploiting) the various resources I had available. In this piece, I pushed the limits of my limited knowledge (and then some), to create a unique experience that incorporated interactivity and sound. As this project progressed I incorporated visuals into this piece as well.

finale Picture 1.png

In this piece there are several buttons and switches, and corresponding to each button and switch there is a unique sound and visual embodied. When you press a button or flip a switch you are able to experience that sound and view the visual projected on a screen. If you release the button the sound will stop and the visual will disappear and reset itself. The longer you hold a button down, the more complete your experience will be. Once the sound and visual end it will start over.

IMG_0168.JPG IMG_0167.JPG

final Picture 1.pngMax MSP Patch

final Picture 3.png


I'm not sure if there is anything I would change about this piece. Rather there aspects I would refine and/or modify. The unique thing about this piece, is that there is the actual unit will remain the same, but the media in which one applies has the ability to change. Thus this piece has the ability to always be in flux and adapting. So, this piece as it was will forever be as it was in that moment. And if I chose to exhibit that experience again I will have that ability. But I also have the ability to exhibit different incarnations of this piece that will be unique to each new situation. So if I were to change anything it would create an entirely new piece to be experienced.

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