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FIINAL GOAL: to make the depression of a pillow trigger nightmarish effects. I hoped for the final project to have a very appeasing and comfortable bed (the day bed with the hearts from my youth) with cozy blankets and stuffed animals. Basically, I want the bed to look very innocent and inviting, but in contrast when people lie down on it the mood of the setting would change to a nightmare. It is kind of an experiment, similar to what I try to achieve in my paintings, playing with control of people's emotions.

PROTOTYPE: focus on getting a pillow, when depressed to make a red light blink
In the beginning I stacked two pillows with tinfoil layers on the surfaces that touched each other. I used rolled up cloth to give some spring in-between the two layers, but this did not guarantee that when pressure was not applied on the pillow that the blinking light would cease. I can arch the smaller pillow by setting it's cloth walls inside those of the larger pillow but this means it needs to be reset every time.

At this time I am also stumped as to how complex I should get in recreating a nightmare. I recently made, I think, a successful painting of a nightmare in which it is not blatantly nightmarish, but has a hint of a creepy surreal quality. I wish I knew how to recreate this type of nightmare in an interactive piece with a video. If it is possible, I have a particular nightmare in mind and would love to be able to recreated that exact emotion in others; I feel this may be impossible.

SETUP: I have clips attached to the tinfoil between the pillows which are both encased in the same pillow case. These act as the button or sensor. Originally I began with a pico cricket, but due to technical difficulties (i.e. my computer's demise due to wine) I intend on starting over with an arduino.

I currently have questions concerning the atmosphere of the room and whether it would be possible to control the entire atmosphere of a little boy's room. There were suggestions in the class of making the entire room interactive so as to make it more inviting for play. These suggestions included, slippers for all to wear, the room set up in completion with toys, and possibly other interactive things that each trigger one aspect of the room and eventually make it darker and more nightmarish step by step. I do not know if I have the means to present such a display for this class, but it would be interesting to learn just how involved the room should get.

My other question involves the concealment of the technical devices, though I understand that with some projects it can be beneficial to have the hardware showing I do not believe that this will be the case for my project, so I would like to figure out different ways in which I can hide the technology and make the room appear as simplistic as possible.

Last, I do not at this time understand anything about MAX/MSP, so I guess that is a big question.

Also, I should mention that I have no screen grabs concerning the pico cricket because they are lost to my computer. I did however, include the arduino program that I used soon after.


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