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Power of One - Prayer Flags

My primary art medium for all my artwork is fabric. I am fascinated by the use of fabric in our lives; beginning with the fundamental aspect of protection and then its power to symbolize who we are socially, culturally, and spiritually.

This project focus is the spiritual aspect of fabric. I’m particularly drawn to the combination of the sacred and visual aspect of the Tibetan Prayer Flags. The traditional significance of the pray flags is to impart blessings of virtue, goodness, healing and happiness in the world.

I wanted to carry this philosophy a step further by seeing the opposite of virtue, goodness, healing and happiness. The participant has the control to see the effects of their actions. Moving from bad to good.

Because I have a western tradition and philosophy, when I look at the pray flags I can’t help but add to this meaning Newton’s laws of motion and the relationship between forces, body and motion.

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