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Window Hack v.1


This project is a documentation of my exploration of technology as a translator. I created this piece to sit in a window and "filter" the light from outside. I wanted to have a direct relationship between the input and the output---
I feel that this relationship creates an ambiguity that leads one to question the purpose of such a technology.

Can we hack the unhackable? Window Hack v.1 is my process in answering this question---


Window Hack v.1 consists of a bunch of nodes. Each node contains a series of for leds connected to a single photoresistor. It is a very simple setup that serves a very simple purpose. I am interested in the construction of this piece in relation to conceptual ideas. I believe that the flow of electricity is very apparent-- and has inspired me to see a direct relationship between light and electricity.

I envision creating a larger installation of this piece. I want to create various nodes that can be connected to fit windows spaces- I would also love to create another window hack consisting of an opaque material with wholes drilled in it. I loved that during the critique someone mistook this piece for simply that-- as it was my intention to pair it with something that simple
I believe that the paring of window hack v.1 with the holly window hack will help guide participants into critical thought

Gorilla glue takes longer than 24 hours to cure

What other window hacks exist?