November 15, 2007

Artist Presentation: Jin Yo Mok and Kim Tae Eun

I created a list of Korean new media artists, but then focus on Jin Yo Mok and Kim Tae Eun. Links are amply provided in the above link.

I considered uploading the various movies I had collected to Media Mill, but wasn't sure of the legal aspects of that. Come see me if you're interested. Otherwise, you can follow the links provided and find the videos that way (with a little extra searching).

September 26, 2007

Artist Employing Interactivity in Gallery Settings

I was researching for my artist presentation and came across Daniel Rozin and Camille Utterback.

Rozin transforms interesting surfaces such as wood blocks into relating directly to a viewer standing in front of the piece. Rozin's sculptures act as mirrors that enlarge the participant's images in a pixel-like response.


Camille Utterback creates interactive video work. These pieces are installation or object based. (Caroline, this is definately an artist you should look at considering your interest in painting!)

Camille Utterback