September 13, 2007

Syllabus Sketch

Syllabus: Sketch

This syllabus is a guide. It will help to give you a sense of the pace of the course, with the due dates for each of the major, student–generated, course components. Essential readings and technical resources will be introduced weekly. Our expectations for you are high. When possible, we will respond to student interests in an improvisational manner and shape the course accordingly. We will, periodically, add readings, technical tips and conceptual frameworks to cultivate the inquiry and creative work that we expect from all students.

The specifics of the related artistic, intellectual, and technical resources will be posted online.
It will be your responsibility to check regularly to learn about upcoming events and available resources.

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Course Description

New Media :: Making Art Interactive

The Interactive and the In-Tangible is the focus of this semester’s course. Through a series of explorations, we will experiment with interactive art as a form of experience, a creative process and a way of conceptualizing artistic ideas. We will introduce tangible media that spark an active dialogue between the physical and the virtual. Our explorations will emphasize the expressiveness of motion and the subtleness of gesture, the presence of emotion and affective experience in these new hybrid art forms. This course is about dynamic art, art that moves and moves you, art that evolves over time or changes your sense of time. It explores the “e? domain where interactivity and communication are introduced with the creative tools and languages of digital technologies and electronics.

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