December 19, 2007

final projects critique

December 15, 2007

ImOnFire (Jeremy's Final Project)

Source Code, Setup Diagram & Collected Musings
Available on extended entry.

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November 29, 2007

Final Project

Document your final project with images, text, sound and video.

Use media that is best suited to communicating each of the following:

What is the inspiration for your project,?

How did you begin to make your idea a tangible experience?

What was the most interesting aspect of your process? ... teh least interesting?

Document the technical how to's of your process and project so that others can benefit from your knowledge and creativity as well.

Discuss how your work relates to the work of two artists engaged with interactive art and tangible media.

October 9, 2007

Project 1: Sensitive

For my project I will be doing it with light and color. My project will be a soft ball, small pillow, or anything soft and small. The pillow or soft ball will change color accordingly to the pressure that it is given. The pillow will be sensitive and will react accordingly to the pressure given to it. For an example, if I was to grip the pillow very hard, then the pillow will glow a violent red. If the pillow is to be handle carfully and sofly, then it will shine in a calm blue. The colors will vary from blue to red.

September 21, 2007

Re: What are other people doing?

I've been working with a local painter (Neil Johnston) on a collaborative video installation piece in downtown Minneapolis. The projection scheme we have been using failed late last week, so we've moved the videos to YouTube until we can find a fix. This is a Max/MSP/Jitter installation that connects the artist to the gallery space and provides realtime sonic feedback to the artist's brushstrokes based on color and placement on the canvas. The hope is that Neil will explore his musicianship through his brushstrokes.