December 19, 2007

Window Hack v.1


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Busy Bees


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Here is the link to a rough outline of making my project web-interactive, hope to continue next semester.
Thanks for all the technical (and moral) support throughout the semester. Katie.

December 18, 2007

Tom Hagler's MIDI Sculpture

Title = "MIDI Sculpture F"

For this interactive touch-sensing project I aimed to create a piece that would allegorize a juxtaposition of humanity with nature. I choose to use audio as my main output and variable resistance sensors for input.

Video, Pics, Mp3's, and Code are on the Extended Entry...

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Final Project Documentation

Documentation on my final project, involving wiimotes and custom software.

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Final Project

The Untitled Box

For this piece I wanted to try to accomplish as much as I could by using (exploiting) the various resources I had available. In this piece, I pushed the limits of my limited knowledge (and then some), to create a unique experience that incorporated interactivity and sound. As this project progressed I incorporated visuals into this piece as well.

finale Picture 1.png

In this piece there are several buttons and switches, and corresponding to each button and switch there is a unique sound and visual embodied. When you press a button or flip a switch you are able to experience that sound and view the visual projected on a screen. If you release the button the sound will stop and the visual will disappear and reset itself. The longer you hold a button down, the more complete your experience will be. Once the sound and visual end it will start over.

IMG_0168.JPG IMG_0167.JPG

final Picture 1.pngMax MSP Patch

final Picture 3.png


I'm not sure if there is anything I would change about this piece. Rather there aspects I would refine and/or modify. The unique thing about this piece, is that there is the actual unit will remain the same, but the media in which one applies has the ability to change. Thus this piece has the ability to always be in flux and adapting. So, this piece as it was will forever be as it was in that moment. And if I chose to exhibit that experience again I will have that ability. But I also have the ability to exhibit different incarnations of this piece that will be unique to each new situation. So if I were to change anything it would create an entirely new piece to be experienced.

Please leave comments and suggestions. They will be much appreciated!

Final: Pig

My vision
for this piece was to stimulate movement of a sculptural object based on the presence of a visitor in a gallery setting. Late in September, I decided on a large fabric pig as the sculptural object. I wanted the movement to either respond as a breathing or rocking motion. To accomplish this reaction, I used a PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (#28015). This sensor accurately detects distance measurements from about 3 centimeters to 3 meters. I wrote a program to respond to the data received by the sensor to start, stop, and vary the speed of a DC 9V-24V motor.

Click the link for the extended documentation including: concept, extended text pertaining to the sculptural and technology processes, photographs, video, project components, and code. Enjoy! ~Jessica


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December 17, 2007

Final Project: Wind


Creating something seemingly organic out of mechanism is part of my fascination. I had a vision of a field of grass (or possibly reeds or bamboo) which could sway "in the wind" in reaction to passers-by. It is an image of the wind blowing across a field, where radio-frequency signal strength replaces the wind, mechanism replaces the sense of flow across the grass. Often you see someone carrying or wearing a bluetooth-enabled device, but not everyone. This is the source of the wind I wanted to make, to have the field react to some people but not others. In this, I depict the "haves" as opposed to the "have-nots," thereby also making a statement about class differences.


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Final Project: jane powers " touch<-->touch"

I am interested in the dissolving boundary between our increasingly personal electronic devices/adornments and our bodies. I have begun focusing on making this largely "unnoticed" absorption of technologies into our lives, and onto and into our bodies more visible through metaphoric and ironic objects that can address the question: What kinds of technologies do we want embedded in our public and private spaces, in our clothes/accessories, in our skins and within our body?

This piece, "touch<-->touch", is an accessory, a wearable, that attempts to call attention to the often ambiguous perception of what is public versus private/personal space and who gets to decide which it is.

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December 15, 2007

ImOnFire (Jeremy's Final Project)

Source Code, Setup Diagram & Collected Musings
Available on extended entry.

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December 14, 2007

Infinity Shadow Box Complete

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December 11, 2007

Emergent Identity

Interactive documentation in process:

December 10, 2007

the Inter-Active and the In-Tangible

The final project presents you with an opportunity to fully realize a piece that can be experienced by people who have no knowledge of your intentions.

This is in contrast to the Touch project that was intended to be in process, with a focus on the sensory experience of Touch and less emphasis on the relationship between the sensory input and the experience that would be activated.

A conversation exploring experiences related to your ideas of what is interactive and what is intangible provided points of departure. Some people proposed alternative final project topics as well.

We have had periodic discussions to provide feedback and to support your process of developing your final presentation.

Everyone is involved in some aspect of new work, things that you have not explored technically and/or conceptually. A significant part of the process involves problem-solving, perseverance and seeking existing resources to help you as you continue. Each of you has already shown a capacity for this process.

Although it can be challenging, do not lose sight of the experience that you are imagining.

We are looking forward to experiencing your new works.

Please document your work.

Final Project
- Written project description
- Concept drawing and/or diagram of your project idea
- Video of your prototype in action. (you can archive your video via Media Mill)
- Photo of your prototype.
- Close up photo of your electronics/circuits.
- Photo or Screen grab of your program.
- Uploaded file of your program.
- Description of what, if anything, you would change about this project