December 19, 2007

FIINAL GOAL: to make the depression of a pillow trigger nightmarish effects. I hoped for the final project to have a very appeasing and comfortable bed (the day bed with the hearts from my youth) with cozy blankets and stuffed animals. Basically, I want the bed to look very innocent and inviting, but in contrast when people lie down on it the mood of the setting would change to a nightmare. It is kind of an experiment, similar to what I try to achieve in my paintings, playing with control of people's emotions.

PROTOTYPE: focus on getting a pillow, when depressed to make a red light blink
In the beginning I stacked two pillows with tinfoil layers on the surfaces that touched each other. I used rolled up cloth to give some spring in-between the two layers, but this did not guarantee that when pressure was not applied on the pillow that the blinking light would cease. I can arch the smaller pillow by setting it's cloth walls inside those of the larger pillow but this means it needs to be reset every time.

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November 15, 2007

Project: What I used to call BodyMemory


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November 8, 2007

Andy's Tug of War Project

My project hopes to create a responsive "tug of war" between a human user and a force of artificial intelligence. So far, I've achieved this through Pico Blocks by using resistance sensors through alluminum foil and conductive thread. When the connection is broken, the thread is wound off the beam, and vice-versa when it isn't. The prototype pulls back and forth with itself at this point, demonstrating the triggers involved and relative slack between each end of the tug of war. User interaction in this prototype consists of keeping the two foil components aligned, more of a maintenance task than the interaction I'm trying to achieve.

Ultimately, I'd like to translate this to a less limiting medium and maybe encase this in a shell, to create a greater psychological effect. For example, I could encase this inside of a giant head where the user pulls on a tongue until it tries to pull back against them.

The options are virtually limitless! But, I need to learn a lot of information about different microcontrollers in order to make this translation... As always, help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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November 7, 2007

Touch Project Documentation

Blake's documentation for his touch prototype.

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November 6, 2007

Ephemeral Graffiti


Inspiration - Sketches - Process - Problems - Resolutions - Notes

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Solenoid Heart Rhythm Bear

Pictures and Code Examples on Extended Entry

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November 4, 2007

Resistor Plate Beatbox Prototype

Pictures, Video, and Code Examples on Extended Entry

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November 1, 2007


The Untitled Glove

For this project I wanted to experiment with sound and ones ability to manipulate sound through the touch of their fingers.


The way in which this piece works is though the aluminum tabs on the finger tips of the glove. When the user completes that circuit by touching one of their fingers to their thumb, a sound will generate. A certain musical note corresponds to each figure. (see diagram for specific note to finger relationship)
This piece is in it prototypical stage, but the opportunities to expand the ideas are endless.



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Thinking about it.

touchCode_tank.png  tank_boardDetail2.jpg

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Jessica's Cocoon Prototype


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This prototype is to get towards the following aim: to suspended cocoon-like forms from the ceiling to create a sculpture installation. Viewers will be invited to walk between the cocoons and pet their exteriors. Petting will cause the forms to purr and light will illuminate the interior of the individual form to reveal something unseen otherwise. (I have not yet decided what that will be.)

At this stage, the cocoon exists as a copper mesh interior and a soft pink fur exterior. The mesh interior works as a capacitance sensor that can read someones presences when he/she is within an inch of the cocoon. When the sensor detects presence, it activates the sound module which emits the sound of a cat purring. The sensor is very reliable, and the overall project was fun to create! Below you will find a list of what you need to make your own.

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October 17, 2007

Touch Prototype

Post Documentation of your prototype.


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