November 7, 2007

Wade is right!

...Miller Puckette--the inventor of Max/MSP--has written a similar environment to Max/MSP called Pure Data which is available through open source. I've tried on several occasions to use PD in lieu of dropping the cash on Max/MSP, but have always come running back to the commercial product. The reason for this is simple: Documentation. Both environments have documentation, but the Max docs are much better and more complete. Furthermore, if you run into a really big problem with Max you can call the company directly and sort it out. This isn't so much an option with PD unless you happen to be on a first name basis with M. Puckette (chances are that you aren't since I hear he's very reclusive). Lastly, PD is audio only and doesn't deal with video (sad face). So if you're tempted to go the free route with PD, consider yourself warned.

November 6, 2007

Open source Max/MSP alternatives

PD is available from - it looks like it is designed and written by the same person who originally designed Max. This looks to be the closest thing to Max, but I have no idea (yet) how much Jitter-like functionality might be there.

Another free package with an audio focus is Supercollider, available at

And of course Ben mentioned Processing, which is found at

November 4, 2007

Flash + microcontroller

The MAKE controller is designed to be an "all-in-one" microcontroller.

One of the functions in development is communication with Flash.

Look here to find a guide to setting up this communication with Flash via sensors and the Arduino.

September 27, 2007


add sensor inspirations, how to info and sources here.

September 17, 2007

What are other people doing?

I find it interesting to see how other artists are using technology in their work. Check this site out for some inspiration!


*don't be fooled by the name!