September 13, 2007

Tom Igoe _Physical Computing

Tom Igoe, co-author (with Dan O'Sullivan ) of the book Physical Computing, offers inspiration, knowledge, and resources here.


The Arduino will be the primary microcontroller that we will use this semester.

It has evolved from an open source effort with an active community of users.

It is an affordable technology that you can readily incorporate into you work.

Support information, tutorials, etc, continue to be developed.

The programming language is based on C and uses text.

Essential C is a helpful guide to C as well.

You can download the software and find out more about the Processing environment that is used to progam the arduino

pico cricket

the pico cricket is designed to introduce a technology for making art interactive. It offers an intiuitive approach via software that uses a visual language and hardware that incorporates the necessary electronics to activate your ideas.

We will be using the pico cricket to introduce this hybrid zone of electronics, programming and fabrication. When we continue with other types of microcontrollers the pico cricket may be a useful prototyping medium.

picocricket resources


software that you can download on your computer

pico block guide

helpful tips to ease communication between your computer and the pico cricket

getting started offers some examples