the biological body

This spring Interdisciplinary Media Collaborations will expand to include work in the visual arts, dance, music, and theatre that is informed by science or created in collaboration with scientists. Interdisciplinary collaborative teams will explore creative expression at the intersection of the arts, design, and biology. Semester-long, student initiated collaborations will be at the heart of this experience. Weekly guest presentations, studio workshops, lab sessions, field trips, and interdisciplinary readings provide inspiration, artistic and scientific techniques, and models of creative process and collaboration to support divergent, student-centered explorations.

Special guests include:

course co-convener: Plant Biologist: Neil Olzsewski - Transgenic Art

Artist/Philosopher: Jan Estep - Thinking Portraits

Dancer/Choreographer: Carl Flink - Choreography of the Moving Cell

Biomedical Engineer: David Odde - Choreography of the Moving Cell

Art Historian: Jane Blocker - What the Body Cost

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