What the Body Cost: Questions

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1. It seems to me that the Vito Acconci works described by Blocker are diaristic in the sense that Acconci had a failed romantic relationship with Dillon that was complicated by Dillon's infidelity with Oppenheim. How can Acconci escape the diaristic and claim his work deals with the body in general? Is it solely because of his maleness?

2. I am interested in the concept of the "body as organism" being foreign in the art context (in contrast to body as subject or object). Are there body-based performance artworks that you could point to that treat the body more like an organism without imposing control upon it? What impact do these works have? What is their potential?

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In response to #2, "body as organism" I recall the performance "Naked"by Eiko & Koma at the Walker Art Center (Nov. 2010). Their movements were not choreographed, except for the boundaries of the environment. Their movements mimicked embryonic, or microscopic organisms. However, in the larger sense, their placement in an art museum does direct the viewer's interpretation of this work. We don't refer to lovers or children rolling in the grass as "art". I also think Karl Flink's work touches on this -we experienced the collisions within the membrane, but were controlled by the human boundaries. There will always be some element of control, either boundaries, the experience of the viewer, limitations of time and materials, etc.

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