Group Conversation - Rachael and Hannah


When Rachael and I met about two weeks ago on 2/23/12, it was before the class sat down and discussed all the projects everyone was thinking about.

We talked about our interests in the animal and some of our favorites among them - giraffes, leafy sea dragons (a type of sea horse), elephants, and birds to name a few. We both also liked combining different parts of animals to create anatomically new creatures.

We talked out the possibilities of collaborating on making one large, life-size sculpture or if we would do separate projects and just get feedback and bounce ideas off one another since we are interested in the same concepts but have different ideas on how to execute and display those concepts. Rachael is interested in possibly making a book, or a sculpture for an installation in a room just to look at while I am more interested in creating a creature (not actually alive) that moves and can interact with viewers.

We didn't come up with a cluster name or a solid idea of a project we were interested in - it was more of a brainstorming session.

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