New art/Science Affinities by Anna


There was a lot of material here. I focused on several specific ideas that will inform the projects I'm working on (a living gender and death suit, and some sort of bioluminescent jewelry/light fixture)
from Citizen Science:
forms that these projects could take; a call to action, a museum-like presentation, or a public connection (p.58)
The question of the rigorous methodology of peer-review came up here also. Throughout this document, there was discussion of the inclusivity of the artists's experimentation, which broadens the field with non-experts and can infiltrate science with new ideas. In contrast, artists who subscribe to the rigors of scientific methodology may be more seamlessly integrated with the experts. I'm not sure how I stand on this: I find value in both camps. Naïveté, can be the source of spectacular solutions, integrity and quality are what validate the results. Since I'm so new at all this bio-talk, I will probably be in the backyard/junkyard, model-making mode (unless someone out there wants to jump in and help!)

Inspirational projects:
Gilberto Esparza's Nomadic Plants (p. 82) for the idea of living symbiotically with the planet, And for the functionality/purpose of the object.

Oron Catts' Tissue Culture and Art Project (p. 102) and the victimless leather, a semi-living garment.

Dunne and Raby's "Design Fiction" and the digestive clothing.


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