Tunnel Installation
I thought this was very effective in transforming the space. All the different elements were integrated together to create a cohesive and new sensory experience. I would love to see more and long-term transformations of space like this at the U.

Even this wasn't your desired final product for this project, I thought it was great to see the stage of the process. The joints were fascinating. This is something I have pretty much zero expertise or knowledge in, and I thought it was accessible and interesting. Would love to see what comes from the continuation of this project. And I love the idea of a solar powered creature that lives in a space and moves itself, expanding on the personality that it already has.

Lichen Shirts
The stitching and pattern on these were very interesting. Although they don't seem functional (yet), I liked them as a sculptural display and thought they had an interesting form. I agree with Diane in that I would have liked to see them on a different hanger. The plastic didn't jive with me. I loved the site you chose to display them. The lighting was great and I enjoyed viewing them with the back drop of clouds.

I thought this was pulled together really well. The layering was a good choice. The discs themselves were very interesting and allowed me to imagine them as various living organisms. I would love to see it as a piece that hangs from the ceiling!

Hydroponic Curtain
This is amazing. I love the idea of making gardening and fresh food accessible to people in urban areas. This is a creative and beautiful way to make that happen. It is esthetically great, functional, and with lots of possibilities moving forward. I am interested and excited to see how you all continue with this piece. I think there are a lot of possibilities. Holler if you are looking for additional collaborators or even help during construction!

Breath Visual
I thought this was a beautiful look at the way breath influences vocals. I loved the integration of mediums, from traditional photograph print to the layering and incorporation of life. This is very personal to you and I thought the presentation was intimate and effective. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Death Shroud / Burial Ceremony
From the tone set of this through the end, I thought this was a beautiful ceremony. I thought you were sensitive and effective in looking at the subject of death. It was wonderful to see how you incorporated the GFP, lighting, shroud, and performance/ceremony. I think this piece could have been enhanced through less directions during the ceremony (maybe only in the beginning) and to have it be more a mock ceremony. I love that you opened up the space to share and participate during the ceremony.

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