Sara Nichol observations


I decided for my biological body observations to monitor myself. What I wanted to do was to monitor myself on two different levels: memory and movement. At the beginning of the semester I was in a major transitional state as I moved houses and adjusted to my new living space. I noticed patterns in how I moved around the city and how sites like school, work, the bus, and errand routines dictated where I went. I began to try to recall days of the week and exactly where I went, and what paths I took to get to each place. I printed out a map of the city and traced each day vellum.




My hope was that I could amass a large collection of days of the week that looked the same, thus establishing a visual routine reflecting the daily routine. I also was focused on the conceptual notion of the routine and how moving disrupts this. I figured I could use these drawings as a sort of "guide to feeling at home away from home." When I move to another city, I would retrace these steps in the new environment and attempt to create a routine by dictating route. The vellum allows such that the images can be layered on top of each other which could serve as a my overall area of accessibility in the new living location.


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