Based on our discussion during our first class today, and ongoing iterations of our collaborative explorations, we will continue to tune our syllabus sketch and scheduling details, Be sure to check this schedule each week.

Week 1
1/19 : Introductions to one another and to the course

Week 2
1/24 : Imaging Lab

Week 3
1/31 : Neil Lab

Week 4
2/7 : Neil Lab

Week 5
2/14 Diane
Collaboration Explorations
• presentations: Joey • Mary • Teréz, Peter

Week 6
2/21 Carl Flink and David Odde • Choreography of the Moving Cell
• presentations: Hannah • Artemis • Julie

Week 7
2/28 Jane Blocker • What the Body Cost: Desire, History, and Performance

Week 8
3/6 Collaborative Process
• presentations: Laura • Sara

Week 9
3/13 Spring Break

Week 10
3/20 Active Studio • eStudio +
• presentations: Anna • Aaron • Tiffany • Laura • Christy

Week 11
3/27 Jan Estep • Thinking Portraits
Active Studio • media mash up
• presentations: Kate • Rachel • Nels

To explore a range of media modes bring cameras, recorders, software tools and environments that interest you and that you can share. These may be visual, aural, tactile.
They may inspire ways of working, observing, documenting, inquiring. We have access to the Installation and Performance Space and W123.

Week 12
4/3 Marc Swackhamer • biomemetics

Material modalities complements the media mash up.
Bring materials that you enjoy working with and techniques and metaphors that you can share. We have access to the eStudio and W123.

Week 13
collaborative studio time

Week 14
collaborative studio time

Week 15
collaborative studio time

Week 16
5/1 Last Class
2:30 - 3:30 Special guest: George Ciscle • Founding Director of The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore and Director of the MFA Program in Curatorial Practice at MICA.

collaborative studio time

Week 17
5/8 Exhibition/Performance/Public Installation/ Participatory Engagement

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