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Jane Blocker response


Jane's talk was quite enlightening. For a long time I have had a distaste for video art, which seems to align frequently with body art. It was a bit relieving to hear that someone was sifting through the plethora of artists who create 'body art'. I was finally free to feel that not every single one of those artists was an earth shaking genius because he flail his limbs in front of a camera or move around while a woman holds his penis in her mouth. I have, or had, the assumption that it is wrong to question art, or that one will be labeled as closed-minded or chastised for doing so.

Her discussion brought me a little closer to pulling the layers of human nature such as psychology that cover up our pure biological selves. I think her evaluation of body artists is a weeding process in which ultimately, those that are left are artists and work in which the body has truly transcended previous media.