September 15, 2008

Bioluminescent Plankton


Light Sensitive, a new participatory artwork that will engage people in contemplation as an interactive, social experience within the urban environment. My approach repositions the nature of contemplative experience generally perceived of as solitary and removed from the flow of life. The focal phenomenon for contemplation in “Light Sensitive� will be bioluminescence. Microscopic bioluminescent algae will inhabit a series of interactive, sculptural vessels, fountains and pools that contain seawater. Characteristic of this genre of participatory installation art, people will complete the artwork as they engage with a range of kinetic and interactive technologies, (interfaces), to move the water that will then stimulate the bioluminescent glow. With this fluid, biological light as the focus of contemplation, people’s gestures may signify our conceptions of empathy, reverence, and enlightenment. This new work continues my ongoing use of scientific, technological and cultural research within the artistic installations that I create.