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Alec Rippberger - Know How

Fall 2009: New Media :: Making Art Interactive
Describe your experience with each of the following:
- making art
As a Political Science major I'm guessing my experiences with art are fewer than some of the other students enrolled in this class. I've taken art classes throughout highschool including ceramics and photography classes.
- using a computer
Like many in my generation I was raised using computers and feel comfortable using many software programs and have some experience in programming languages.
- using hand tools and power tools
My father is a carpenter and I've been using tools from the time I could read.
- using a sewing machine
Other than Home-Ec class in middle schoool my experience with sewing machines has been very limited.
- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines
I have no experience with these devices.
- programming
I've taken a visual basic course and have some knowledge of HTML.
- working with electronics

- soldering
I've always been interested in electronics but have no experience with soldering.
- installation art
I have no proactive experience in this field.
- interactive art
I've seen some interesting concepts but have never had the pleasure of creating my own.
I have some limited shooting/editing experience.
- sound art
Music has always been a passion of mine. I have various experience with many different aspects of sound art. I enjoy composing music on guitar and through software.
- photography
I've taken several photography courses and have worked with both film and digital.
- sculpture
I've taken a ceramics course but have limited experience with sculpture.
- electronic music
I've used fruity loops, garage band, noise IO, logic, and beatmaker in creating electronic music.
- drawing
I'll doodle but do not find drawing exceptionally entertaining.