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Bryce Davidson - Know How

- making art
I have been drawing all my life as I can remember it. I draw almost constantly. usually faces. sometimes animals. sometimes animals with human faces.
- using a computer
I have macbook. i am on it often. I have had one for a couple years. I feel I am at a moderate level of understanding with a computer. not a pro, but not a dummy either. I mostly just know the basics.
- using hand tools and power tools
I have had a couple sculpture classes. I feel pretty handy with power tools and hand tools.
- using a sewing machine
tried to use my mom's one time. Broke it.
- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines
didn't even know that existed.
- programming
no idea at all
- working with electronics
had some experience with simple motors in Kinetic art with Ali and Chris. outside of the that, I feel mostly confused about how it all works
- soldering
done it maybe twice. would need a refresher
- installation art
still not exactly sure what makes an installation, but I am interested in learning.
- interactive art
I love to perform. I guess I have technically done a few of these considering my background in Improv theater.
- video
i know how to push the record button and point the camera. that's about it.
- sound art
done a little music editing with a simple program off the internet. only a little experience.
- photography
had a camera once. lost it.
- sculpture
I have done a couple wire sculptures, some building with would and metal. welding, metal cutting and sanding, ceramic work and some sculpting with other materials. yet I still feel I have much to learn
- electronic music
I like listening to it. never made it before.
- drawing
I draw a lot. I feel quite comfortable in this area.
- I forgot to mention that I ....
I have been a breakdancer for 7 years and an actor for many more. I love improv and performance and the energy that comes from performing and watching a performance. this is where I would like to focus the energy of my art