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Bryce Davidson **E-light "Sketch"

I was happy to have figured out the relationship between positive and negative current and what it meant to have a 'base' as well as 'power' source on the Arduino. I have to say, I feel quite a bit more comfortable with the process of making LED's blink.

In class, I spent a good amount of time figuring out how to make multiple LED's blink, and how to do it. I think I have a lot better understanding of how the programming side works now. It was all very confusing at first but now it seems quite a bit more simple. I know I have a lot more to learn, but I feel quite a bit more proficient.

For my E-light "sketch", I thought a lot about how the pace of blinking on the LED's affected my emotional state. I thought about how hypnotic the lights could be. I noticed that when I looked at the blue LED, It seemed to be calming. When the red LED flashed, it made me think of rage or anger or intense emotions.

To put these ideas into affect in my "sketch". I took an old mask that I had used years ago for halloween and placed the Arduino inside, so that the two LED's that I programmed (one blue, one red) would appear in the eye hole. ideally, I would have two breadboards and two blue and two reds to fill each eye, but unfortunately, I don't have those resources yet.

I programmed the two LED's so that the blue would hold constant, drawing the viewer in and encouraging the viewer to stare hypnotically into the bright blue eye. The timing is set so that as soon as the viewer becomes enthralled with the constant blue, the red LED suddenly begins blinking at a rapid pace. This is meant to surprise and shock the viewer.

It took a while to figure out what pace worked the best for each light in order to carry out my mission. I enjoyed messing with the programming side and experimenting with different numbers of HIGH's and LOW's of the on/off delays. It is interesting how much the experience changes based on how fast or slow a light blinks. With enough experimentation, I found a pace that I fancied. Prepare to be mesmerized!