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Carl Ostlund (Know How)

making art
I have taken a few art classes at the University, as well as classes in design. Outside of school, I use photoshop and draw, just messing around pretty much. I'd like to progress in my abilities of making art.
using a computer
I have a lot of experience with macs, and some with windows.
using hand tools and power tools
limited experience with these
using a sewing machine
working with electronics
I had an internship in the I.T. department of a company after senior year of high school. I worked with office electronics and servers, and with computers (hardware and software). I have always spent time using/messing aroun d with electronics...
installation art
I like it, but never had experience working with it
worked on a few projects in high school, also in 1601.
sound art
worked on a small project in 1601
taken 2 photo classes at the U, and I do a lot of shooting on my own for fun
made some sculptures in high school ceramics class
electronic music
not much; have used garageband just messing around
mediocre skills. but getting better (i am currently taking a drawing/graphics class for landscape architecture)
I like to play basketball. it might fit into my art somehow someday