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eLight Project




For my eLight sketch/project, I experimented with the LEDs' color and rhythm aspects. Using red, green, and blue LEDs and making them operate together in a line, I achieved, what appears to be, a "Police siren/strobe" depiction. It the pattern of the LEDs and the chosen colors seemed to scream "Police!" when I was experimenting with the timing. The sequence almost gives the illusion that there is a rotating siren/light as in a real Police car. So, I ran with the idea and built a very rudimentary cardboard representation of a Police car....out of a DiGiorno's pizza box. However, it served it's purpose and achieved the idea that the LEDs were a representation of a Police strobe light/siren.

I attached the breadboard to the Arduino with a twist tie....so I was being resourceful I suppose.

-Nick Gentle