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Elisa Berry

making art: Studio art major, starting my MFA in sculpture. Between college courses and now I have consistently produced work in my studio, done installations outside, and in my home. I tend to choose a particular material such as sticks, cloth, broken glass from the sidewalk or plastic bags and transform it through a repetition of the material in space that grows organically. I usually use wire to suspend the installations. Light is also a medium in my work. Either sunlight or artificial lightcatching and activating translucent material.
I'm also love to draw - I worked as a charcoal portrait artist, and can render a face pretty accurately. I make oil paintings too.

- using a computer: Besides word processing, using the internet, listening to music and editing images on my computer, I also taught an undergraduate intro to multimedia course dealing with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash, although my knowledge of those programs is mostly limited to what one might learn in a beginning course. I have designed two basic websites using HTML code.

- using hand tools and power tools: I can use a drill and other basic tools.

- using a sewing machine: I can do basic sewing of patterns and altering of garments, but I don't do it consistently enough to be totally skilled.

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines: nope.

- programming: nope.

- working with electronics: Not really.

- soldering: nope.

- installation art: I love creating installations that use a repetition of material suspended in space to create a certain physical experience in a particular space.

- interactive art: I once made an interactive drawing that asked viewers to respond to the question, "What do you want" in a little booklet. I got some interesting responses.

- video - I have taken an into to digital video course in which we edited with Final Cut Pro. I created non-narrative videos in the vein of Nathaniel Dorsky that meditated on light, space and movement.

- sound art: Nope. I dealt with sound only a little bit in video, but very limited.

- photography: I like experimenting with digital photography.

- sculpture: I'm good at creating experiences with material that grows organically in space, and am getting better at constructing self-contained objects.

- electronic music: Nope.

- drawing: I am very good at depicting what I see.

- I forgot to mention that I have a masters in religion and art, so I've thought a lot about the questions of what is art, how does it function in society, what does it do, as well as the relationship between our bodies, communities, places, and their relationships to reality/non-reality underlying our existence (or something like that...)