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elizabeth furani +interactive art 9/28

erikki huhtamo's "Seven Ways of Misunderstanding Interactive Art" was quite an eye opener for me. in my coming into this class i thought that a lot of interactive art was purely utilizing a high tech base and that you had to mostly be a scientist to create it. i also was under the impression of it being a very masculine medium because a lot of IT things are very strong in terms of men, but sparse when women are concerned. i guess in a lot of ways i have restricted it to a medium that was new, and very rigid. however i think reading this article helped me get a glimpse that media making and interactive mediums need to understand the human condition... and connect with people, not just the ones who merely know all about it. that would exclude me as i am not well versed in a lot of interactive pieces, only through my video art have i been able to create a bond between human emotion and synthesis. this is something i'm interested in.