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elizabeth furani + interests

What attracted you to this class?

my interest in this is art is to make the invisible visible and use electronic media, video, and other new genres to connect the viewer and make them an active part of each piece.

What do you hope to learn?

one of the main things i hope to take away from this class is building a portfolio of work that isn't just in manipulating media and doing video, but to connect the human aspect of thinking and acting to the work that i put out. also, i want to learn more about the practice and research that goes into it.

What comes to mind when you think about contemporary art?

the human condition, the personal, the public sphere. basically contemporary art, is a new way of using art to connect all ways of thinking whether through concepts or composition or both.

Who are some of your favorite artists or creative inspirations?

pipilotti rist, laurie anderson, bruce nauman, and george kuchar.

What is your most memorable experience of art as it occurs to you at this moment?

seeing matthew barney set up his cremaster cycle exhibition at the walker and being a part of the installation staff, although i don't really like his art on a whole its fun to see an artist be involved in their own installing.

What is your favorite form of technology and how do you use it?

video, computers (preferably mac os) and televisions, i even like to play with more analog, but for the most part i've gravitated almost strictly into video, my own body (i consider a technological element) and sound.