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elizabeth furani + know how

Making Art: i would consider myself alright in that aspect. i'm pursuing a bfa here, or at san francisco art institute then grad. so at least on an academic level i love to participate. but on a personal level it has helped me through hard times, and given me a new lense in which to look at the society/environment i've been given.

Using a computer: i work with IT a lot so yes, i am pretty proficient.

Using hand tools and power tools: good! i love working with sculpture but also the construction of things, and i learn fast.

Using a sewing machine: pretty good.

Using a laser cutter: yes! i love the laser cutter!

Programming: pretty good, max msp, and other coding languages.

Working with electronics: !!!! big yes. lots of experience.

Soldering: some experience.

Installation Art: very good with

Interactive Art: learning to be good at.

Video: my main focus in my art. yes, lots of experience.

Sound Art: some experience in.

Photography: only amateur and conceptual.

Sculpture: yes, quite a bit of experience.

Electronic Music: a love of mine in my own time. love to create computer music.

Drawing: some i consider myself better at drafting.

Adobe Software (Illustrator, Flash): pretty proficient.