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Haegue Yang

I was glad to be able to visit the Walker on Thursday to attend the artist's talk and experience the installation work. I was most affected by a few elements. The wind created by fans was powerful because it brought my other senses directly into the experience, breaking the intensity of many visual aspects. I was also impressed by the paper relief sculptures on the wall, because of the way they altered my depth perception with such simple angular variations. The placement of these pieces was what made it for me, with the view out the window leading ones eye along the length of the wall and creating a jolt of misperception with each one. There was a lot of contrast between different pieces, and things seemed not to relate to each other. It seemed as though this could be intentional, creating confusion as sort of a theme.

Were your ideas formed in response to the space at the Walker, or were they preconceived?

Are things like the paper reliefs just spontaneous ideas, or do they reflect on certain aspects of society...or something else?

Do you want people to understand where your ideas come from...or not?

It was interesting to hear the artist and curator talking, mostly to see and hear firsthand what a working/professional relationship is like in the art world. Hearing about the line that is drawn between them becoming "truly friends" made me think about the complexity of trying to live as an artist, in reality. I would like to know more about the exhibit in abandoned house in Seoul. This seems like a mix between public and private art and its interesting to me.