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Haegue Yang: Integrity of the Insider

Prior to class on Tuesday 9/29:

> Visit Haegue Yang's Integrity of the Insider and experience her multi-sensory environments.

Admission to the Walker Art Center is FREE on Thursday evenings from 5pm to 9pm.


>Attend the artist's talk with curator Doryun Chong at the Walker Art Center @ 7pm on Thursday 09/24 - FREE tickets are available for seats to this talk beginning at 6pm


>Watch the webcast on the Walker Channel.

>>Write 1 paragraph about your sensory experience of Haegue Yang's Integrity of the Insider including your reflections on:

- what surprised you most
- how were your senses engaged as you experienced the installation
- describe the sensory experience that is now strongest in your imagination
- pose three questions that you would like to ask the artist
- how would you describe the installation to your best friend

>>Write 1 paragraph about what you found to be most interesting in the artist's talk with Haegue Yang and curator Doryun Chong. Include an example of something that you were introduced to in this talk that you would like to know more about.