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My experiences

I have had experience in computers, I built my desktop, also some minor programming experience in a computer science class. I, am all right with power tools, used lathe in high school good level of experience with tools in general. I don't think I could use a sewing machine with any proficiency. Never used a laser cutter, or any other industrial computer controlled machines. I've ripped apart a fair share of electronics for fun, I do enjoy the electronics. Small modifications I am able to do, nothing to the extent of programming electronics. I have soldered before, although only the iron and not any guns, so larger electrical work. Have seen a couple of installations, haven't really interacted with many tho. Love video, and movies, one field I would be more confident in is definitely video, have been making movies, for several years just casually. I have taken a photography class, no sculpture experience, no "real" drawing experience. I would say I have a lot of experience in electronic music. Music is definitely a strong area of interest, something I hope to incorporate this semester.