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My interest in this course

What attracted you to this class?
I enjoy art in the interactive medium, and also I have strong interest in technology, electronics, programming, and this class seemed to be a method of combining my creative values with my technological pursuits.
What do you hope to learn?
I hope to learn things I do not already know, and things I am interested in learning, this class seemed to have a number of components that met that rubric. The Arduino interface is definitely an interest for me,
What comes to mind when you think about contemporary art?
When I think of contemporary art I think of weird plastic molded shapes, square frame glasses, and provocative installations
Who are some of your favorite artists or creative inspirations?
Royksopp is one of my favorite artist at the moment, music videos included, I think they do a good job of combining audio and visual stimuli to create a mood.
What is your most memorable experience of art as it occurs to you at this moment?
My most memorable experience from art would be either working on the final project in the 1601 course or an installation in one of the Regis east galleries. This on was title the fox den, and it was really comfortable.
What is your favorite form of technology and how do you use it?
My favorite form of technology might be the XBOX use it to watch movies, and destroy zombies. It probably used to be my ipod, but I cant find it.