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Nick Gentle

What attracted you to this class?
The name of the class, oddly enough. I'm pursing a BIS major with focuses in Art, Design, and New Media. The name of this class being "New Media: Making Art Interactive", I decided that this was a must in relation to what I am studying. I'm most interested in graphic design and artistic things that you can do with computers and newer technology. The whole idea of pushing the boundaries of what art is becoming and being innovative in discovering the future of where art is going is interesting to me and appealing when considering possible career opportunities.

What do you hope to learn?
I hope to have a broader scope of artistic backgrounds beyond typical pencil, paper, paint, graphic/computer designed art. The physical aspect of art and the interactivity of art are things that I hope to dive further into in this class.

What comes to mind when you think about contemporary art?
I think of very technologically influenced pieces of art. I think of video more so than paper and canvas. I think of Photoshop more so than paint, charcoal, pen, pencil and crayons. I also think sculptures have become increasingly more popular in what could be considered "contemporary art".

Who are some of your favorite artists or creative inspirations?
I'm very inspired by music. I enjoy a pretty wide scope of music but the things that most influence a forward thinking mentality for me are bands like Explosions in the Sky and other instrumental artists. Artists that truly explore the space of music and make the listener just as much a part of the experience as the band. Art-wise, I tend to draw inspiration from the companies that design the CD booklets and other concept art for bands. Companies like Invisible Creature (formerly asterisk studio), Sons of Nero, and other groups like that.

What is your most memorable experience of art as it occurs to you at this moment?
I think attending the Spark Festival last year for an art class was really inspirational and encouraging. It really opened my mind to what people pursing artistic related careers can accomplish and it really set the tone for how creative and how "well done" things should be. One of the most interesting pieces that I experienced was a cellist who played by himself but with a delay/loop pedal of some kind. So he began playing and then a few seconds later it would repeat as he would continue with his composition. So you heard, what sounded like, several musicians playing at once and he created this very technical and at times very dark pieced of music that really appealed to my musical and creative senses.

What is your favorite form of technology and how do you use it?
I think definitely computers. Specifcally my MacBook Pro. I think using programs like Photoshop and iMovie/Final Cut to create computer-applied art and video is the most interesting form of art to me at the moment.