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Reflection on Interface in Interactive Art

Tyler Williams

1. While reading the article it seemed as though narrative plays a very limited role in the initial experiments with Interface in Interactive Art. The Projects and most of these were games or spaces that were commenting on the interaction between system and player. They seemed to ignore narrative and focus on a virtual reality commenting on technology while at the same time utilizing technology. Myron Krueger's 1969 glowfloor installation was more about the interaction between viewer and the space and there was little to no focus on narration or story. In 1986, Grahame Weinbren produced an interactive installation that used a non linear narrative giving the viewer access to a series of image. Although this is an example of some form of narrative, traditional narrative seems to be absent from interface art.
3. I think there are endless modes of interaction that could be explored in the future. I can imagine that the internet will play a larger role in interface interaction. I could see the use of video and LCD moniters playing a larger role as well. I think that there seems to be an absence of traditional narrative in these interactions so if there was a way to create an installation that the viewer was actively in control of the outcome of a traditional narrative that could be interesting.