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Robin Schwartzman

Describe your experience with each of the following:

- making art: I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Syracuse University. I've been drawing since before I can remember. I remember making my first sculptural object in 4th grade. I have always loved to make art.

- using a computer: I have knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, but my in depth computer skills are somewhat limited.

- using hand tools and power tools: I am very comfortable working in the woodshop, as I have learned to use many tools for creating sculptures and installations.

- using a sewing machine: I own an old Elna, I enjoy sewing when I have a project in mind.

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines: Don't know how, but would love to learn!

- programming: This is where my skills are weakest. I remember doing some basic DOS programming in 6th grade...that is about the extent of my programming knowledge. On the other hand, I am very interested in learning.

- working with electronics: Not so much.

- soldering: I've done some soldering of metals and wires in the past. Could use a refresher.

- installation art: My favorite means of executing my artistic practice.

- interactive art: I've made some basic attempts to this in the past with kinetic sculptures. I want to direct my work this way with a more advanced approach.

- video: For the first time, I took a lot of video footage this summer for research purposes, but I still don't know how to edit my video-or even get it onto the computer.

- sound art: Something else I haven't done much of but want to play with.

- photography: Took a black and white photo class in my undergrad, where I learned how to process film and develop in the dark room. Also, I use my digital camera constantly just for fun.

- sculpture: I make a lot of sculptures out of Extruded Polystyrene, cardboard, paper and paper mache. I know a little bit about woodworking, and nothing when it comes to metals.

- electronic music: Sometimes I listen to it.

- drawing: Probably my best skill.

- I forgot to mention that I ....have been a professional caricature artist for 8 years, drawing at various amusement parks, fairs and parties across the country.
I cry when I laugh.
I hate the feel of velvet.