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Robin Schwartzman

1. By using picture sequences and text, Lynn Hershman utilizes a type of narrative in her work. Weinbren and Freidman push this idea even more in their work "The Erlking." By using their first image as a reoccurring theme and other images that loosely narrate the saga, they artists extend the storyline in a nonlinear way, thus mimicking pictorial memory.

3. It is difficult to imagine what interface will be able to do in even just 20 years from now. I'm sure there are capabilities that exist in the present that most people aren't even aware of. Hollywood has gone so far as to envision some of the possibilities for us, in movies such as I Robot or The Matrix. I do however feel that interface will have the ability to connect humans even more closely to each other, but this will be done strictly through the internet and the machine. Social networking, such as Facebook, has been somewhat of a revolution. I think that at some point we will be able to use information from sites like this to learn everything about a person by just a few clicks.