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Seven Misconceptions - Bryce Davidson

The view that interactive art was nothing more than technological trickery hit me. It seems that any time a new form of art is introduced it is initially seen as 'not art'. When does something become art? Just because there is a focus on technology doesn't make it less artistic. There will always be a level of fundamentalism in any area where growth is happening. Erkki Huhtamo says "Video games may be remarkably complex in their architecture, but they are a form of goal-oriented activity, whereas art is multi-layered and open-ended". This is an important point. Interactive art is meant to create an opportunity for the viewer to interpret and to create a personal experience. In video games, there is a more directed path, structurally 'telling' the viewer, or the person interacting, what path to take. In interactive art, the viewers are able to create their own story.

The fact that there can be more than one critical view of interactive art is a testament to its ability to create variable experiences. Interactive art is a model that can continue to grow and expand in different directions as our understanding of technology increases. This is exciting.