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types of assignments

Over the course of the semester we will explore concepts and modes of embodying these concepts through a variety of explorations.

active sketches introduce projects that are intended to provide an opportunity to play with the concepts and techniques introduced in the related assignments.

concept projects ask you to fully articulate a project as if it were realized. The concept is developed as a means of envisioning and effectively communicating your idea. Your concept is imagined as if all of the pragmatics of how you would realize it are in place.

project prototypes require that you actualize one particular aspect of your project with which we can interact. This facet is presented as a working prototype that will provide you with feedback and critique to assist in the full development of your idea.

collaborative projects provide opportunities for you to develop new skills and modes of working in collaboration with others. We will engage in a whole group collaboration. You are always free to propose a collaborative approach to other projects with the caveat that each collaborator is actively developing new skills and not relying solely upon familiar areas of comfort.

independent projects are defined by you within the context of the course. This is an opportunity for you to bring your artistic interests, queries and explorations to the realization of an interactive art work. You will develop a project proposal that will assist you in the process of clarifying your independent project.