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Carl Ostlund (INterests)

What attracted you to this class?
I am interested in how electronics pervade our environment more all the time, and finding ways to use this for the sake of creating art and interactive experiences.
What do you hope to learn?
I hope to learn new technical skills and think about the unique ways technology affects everydayexperience.
What comes to mind when you think about contemporary art?
blending science and art. this is the kind of stuff that appeals to me.
Who are some of your favorite artists or creative inspirations?
I can't name any artists off the top of my head, at least none that I would consistently look to for inspiration. I often look at design magazines in the architecture library at school. I also draw inspiration from the urban environment, graffitti, railroads, buildings, infrastructure. I used to read a lot of sci-fi books when i was younger, which I draw inspiration froma s well.
What is your most memorable experience of art as it occurs to you at this moment?
Walking through the Walker Museum sculpture garden
What is your favorite form of technology and how do you use it?
Photoshop, possibly combined with scanning hand images. I really like images. I like to manipulate images, and photoshop allows precision and nearly infinite possibilites in terms of techniques and outcomes. the only drawbacks to me are that it has a high learning curve, also one must have access to a computer, which unfortunately not everyone does. I am always open to learning new technologies, and I like to combine them.