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Bryce Davidson - Project Proposal

Energy in motion.

I would like to create a suit made of lights that would cover my entire body. Creating an outline of my arms and legs and holding a heavy mass of lights on my chest and abdomen.

The lights would be activated by an accelerometer. The faster that I move the brighter the lights would blink.

The idea would be to convey the electricity of movement, and the a visual representation of what energy feels like when it moves through the body.

I found this website, which instructs on how to sew LED lights into clothing...


I also found an art piece called the Kinetic Dress. This lights which are sewn into the dress light up with movement of the wearer. Therefore, I believe my idea can come to life.

Here is the website...

"Depending on the amount and speed of the wearer's movement the electroluminescent embroidery changes pattern, displaying the wearer's mood to the audience and creating a magic halo around her"

Another site which features wearable LED clothing...

And how to do it...

If I am able to make this costume/light suit, I would present it as a dance performance.

At the beginning of the performance everyone would be instructed to put on a pair of cheap plastic sunglasses (the kind you get from the optometrist). The lights would go black and the audience would see nothing but pitch black.

Then, I would enter, and all the audience would see would be the lights flashing brightly as I danced. I would end the performance with headspins, which I imagine would create the brightest lights.

I hope that I can make this happen...

here's a link to some dancing